Negotiated Target & Current Progress

EPA: Distinction
Mark: 80-84
Class: 1st

Override Target:
Target Justification:
Current Progress:
Identification of knowledge gaps and how these will be addressed
What has been learned and how this has been applied in the workplace?
What progress is being made against the apprenticeship standard?
Preparing knowledge for your next module
Progress Justification:
Summary of Progress
Summarise the main purpose of the review and the progress made by the apprentice in the workplace against the apprenticeship standard and academically. If progress is off track, how will this be addressed?

2 + 1 =

Any challenges, change of circumstances, Covid impact, employer circumstances – either positively or negatively impacting on the apprenticeship?

2 + 9 =

Actions Recap
Review of previous actions. Any actions from the previous review, along with only actions that are still ongoing from other reviews
Any needing further focus to achieve? Impact of actions on work practices, further OTJ learning? Note once an action from previous reviews (excluding the last) have been completed, they will disappear from this list. Only mark as complete once updates are finished.

10 + 8 =